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A Little Respect for the Ford Pinto... Please

Enthusiasts involved in The Pinto Stampede, organized by Norm and Louise Bagi, and the 40th gathering put together by the Pinto Car Club of America (PCAA), believed that they'd be overlooked by corporate Ford, given the car's checkered past. But Ford Racing and our Ford Performance Group enthusiast outreach program was there to support Pinto loyalists! We awarded Ford "Certificates of Appreciation" and a special commemorative hatpin for those who participated in the Pinto's 40th Anniversary Celebration (with the most Pintos in one place since the last cars left the factory). Plus we even threw a "Pinto Pizza Party" for owners after a Saturday parade downtown and ensuing street festival.

So why all this for the Pinto, you ask? Well, first, to show that we support all Ford enthusiasts! And second, because few people - even Ford people - really know enough facts about the little car to put it into proper historical context. So, perhaps a little Ford Pinto history is in order here...

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AVE Mizar Flying Pinto

Advanced Vehicle Engineers - From the earliest newspaper articles in 1970 where Henry Smolinski started to share his idea with the world to it's unfortunate end in 1973 with the crash of the AVE Mizar Flying Pinto. I have gathered as much information as I can in hopes of telling the most complete story possible of this fantastic idea, concept and implementation of a dream.

The Friends of the Pinto!

Featuring the Ford Pinto's, Mercury Bobcats, VW's and other various rides with stories from people I have met, chatted with, emailed or traveled to see. Take a look at some of the different sections, friends and pictures.

The Vintage Ford Pinto Info

With vintage magazine articals, news clippings, press releases and pictures for you to enjoy.